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Am I an Alcoholic Worksheet

Alcoholism is a progressive disease, and at some point during the process, we all ask that scary question.

Am I an alcoholic?

Unfortunately, the question is so scary that many of us will do everything we can to manipulate the answer. If you are having trouble coming to terms with the fact that you might be an alcoholic, the work in this download may help you.

Am I an Alcoholic Worksheet


Books that Made a Difference

Looking for something interesting to read in your spare time? Here are a few suggestions from my library. Each stood out to me in their own way and proved to have great value for my journey. 

I may receive commissions when you click links and make purchases from this page. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. My primary goal is to provide you with information that keeps you informed. Income earned from affiliate links helps facilitate my ability to do that.

The 5 Second Rule

Mel Robbins

“Five, four, three, two, one. Blast off!” In her book, The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins shares how taking any longer than five seconds to make a decision gives the brain just enough time to talk you out of acting on your natural instincts. On the other hand, acting within that five-second window creates the necessary momentum to overcome your fear, allowing you to make life-altering decisions. 

Her book explains both the why and the how of the 5-Second Rule using examples of real-life people, including famous people who have made world known decisions as well as several of her own clients, as well as scientific research to back up her decision-making method. For overthinkers like me, this book is a must read.

Build a Better Brain

Peter Hollins

For a few years now, I have been fascinated with the brain. I wanted a better understanding of what it did and how it did it. Build a Better Brain helped me get that. Written in simple, laymen’s language, Build a Better Brain goes into details about the parts of the brain and their functions. It gives fascinating examples of people who have had brain damage and how the brain adapted. It also offers activities you can do to improve your own brain function, break bad habits, and build new better habits.

Daring Greatly

Brené Brown

Our fears play a great part in keeping us from being who we are really meant to be. In Daring Greatly, Brown addresses those fears suggesting that in order to live fully, we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable. She further explains the shame/fear relationship and how it affects our own feelings of self-worth.

Not only do I suggest this as a great read, but I also believe it’s important to keep as a reread for those times when fear begins to creep back into your everyday life.

You Are a Badass

Jen Sincero

If you are looking to master your limiting beliefs, You Are a Badass is a great place to start. Sincero will not only help you see how you became the way you are but also how to change that. Her book is loaded with examples of the silly ways we think about love, money, and careers and exercises you can do now to overcome those thoughts. 


T.D. Jakes

Sometimes you just know. You may not understand why or how you know, but you do. This is called instinct, and according to T.D. Jakes, it’s there within us all. Unfortunately, many of us have lost the ability to see or trust our instincts. We ignore that voice inside of us that tells us to “go for it’ opting instead to take the safer path. In Instinct, Jakes shows readers how they can use instincts to “unlock the confines of where you are to discover the freedom of where you were meant to be.”

If you read Mel Robbins, The 5 Second Rule, and want more information on listening to your instincts, Jakes’ book should be your next read.


Why We Can’t Sleep

Ada Calhoun

According to Ada Calhoun, Generation X women experience midlife unlike any other generation before them. Her book, Why We Can’t Sleep, addresses the circumstances that affect those differences including Gen X’s experiences in childhood, careers, and the equal rights movement. She shares details of her discussions with Generation X women from various life situations and the troubles they faced during midlife.

This is stuff your mother can’t tell you about midlife because she didn’t live it. Instead, this is your story and how you understand what you are going through.

Podcasts that Will Help You Grow

It didn’t take me any time at all to discover the value of podcasts. They allow me to learn and grow while driving, taking a walk, or cleaning the house.

The following are some of my favorite podcasts for self-improvement and motivation.

Back Porch Chats

Vince and Jeanna

Listen to Back Porch Chats for conversations on the connection between childhood trauma and addiction. This podcast hosted by yours truly, Vince and Jeanna, includes interviews from experts as well as real people like you working to overcome the shame of their past. 

The Mindset Mentor

Rob Dial

Motivation, motivation, and more motivation. Rob Dial shares with his listeners tips on how to live a life with love and purpose on The Mindset Mentor.

Over It and On With It

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler’s show, Over it and On with It, is filled with guidance and inspiration on relationships, career, health, money, and self-transformation.

Hypnosis with Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough

Hypnosis with Joseph Clough’s includes a mix of information, hypnosis, and meditation that will help you improve your mindset and get over your limiting-beliefs.

Ted in Your Head

Ted Moreno

In bite sizes episodes perfect for short morning rides to work, hypnotherapist, Ted Moreno, gives helpful tips for personal transformation in Ted in Your Head.


Tony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guru

I’m Not Your Guru is an interesting look at one of Tony Robbins’ seminars from the inside out. Found on Netflix.

Brené Brown: The Call to Courage

I stumbled on The Call to Courage and was very glad I did. In this documentary, Brown talks about courage and vulnerability and why it’s important to have both. Found on HBO

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