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Our mission is to help shape 12-step communities where sponsors and sponsees help each other move beyond the shame of abuse. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge about the connection between childhood abuse and addiction with people who are willing to stop their compulsive destructive behavior. 

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Written for sponsors to help them understand the childhood sex abuse and addiction connection so they can best help their sponsees.


Listen in as we have conversations about grace, hope, and recovery from childhood trauma and addictions.


Join a community of caring people who are working to overcome their addictions through healing from childhood trauma.

Childhood Trauma Has a Lasting Legacy

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

Cutting and Self Harm


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Sleep Disorders





Personality Disorders

Attachment Difficulties

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Listen to Conversations about

Grace, Hope, and Recovery

on Back Porch Chats

with Vince and Jeanna


Author & Podcast Host

January 14, 1994, was the last time I had a drink.

As a music educator, Vince has spent years honing his skill of taking a very complicated subject and breaking it down into a way that people can understand. He is a passionate teacher and leader who uses his talent as a dynamic communicator to help people recover from the trauma of their past and addiction.

Through his 27 years in recovery, he has managed to “overcome the slime oozing from the eggshell of his birth” to become a self-actualized spiritual, but imperfectly perfect, being with a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. In him, you will see a balance between eternal optimism and snarky nihilism.


Sobriety Coach

September 1, 2018, was the last time I had a drink.

As a recovering alcoholic, Jeanna discovered that she was given an amazing gift. Her talents as a teacher, writer, and speaker and her experience with trauma and alcoholism could intertwine to become her purpose. Post recovery, she spent the next two years in intensive self-work and at the same time preparing to share her gifts with people who were desperate to change their lives.

As a result, she is CBT, REBT, and NLP certified and develop as a sobriety coach. Her first-hand experience as an alcoholic and childhood sexual abuse survivor gives her a unique understanding of the shame that is at the core of most addictions.

Her formal education includes a Master’s degree in literature and composition with a focus on trauma writing. She has used this knowledge to teach adult education classes on journaling for trauma and journaling for food addictions.

We’re Here to Help You


Our courses take you through the steps in the coaching process on your time and as you need them. Log in, watch the videos, download the workbooks, and do the activities. Then repeat the course or modules in the course as necessary.

Prices vary


Group Sobriety Coaching

Our Six-Session Sobriety Package grants you 6 weeks of group coaching(maximum 10 persons per group). You will also get emails from your coach to check your progress and keep you on track. 



Private Sobriety Coaching

Our Six-Session Sobriety and Package grants you 6 weeks of private coaching. You will also get emails and texts from your coach to check your progress and keep you on track.




Heather Parker Devrick

“Jeanna is one of those rare individuals who can blend direct, concise advice with compassion and understanding. Her wealth of personal and professional experiences help her connect to women in many walks of life. Additionally, her drive and determination are unflagging, helping her to encourage and motivate others when they might not feel that confidence themselves. Jeanna Toler Fox is an empathetic, forthright woman who can help guide you with no judgment and much purpose.”

Brenda Souza

“Jeanna was an invaluable source of positivity and motivation through my college career. She helped me identify my strengths, and her constant encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in the task at hand. She truly believes that everyone has unlimited potential and works her hardest to help them find it. I recommend her to anyone.”



Podcast Transcript: Vince’s Story
Podcast Transcript: Vince’s Story

Jeanna: In today's episode, we have something really special. [00:01:00] I've heard it before, and in fact, when I first heard your story, all I wanted to do was come up and talk to you and have a conversation and share [00:01:15] how I connected. Can you tell the...

Struggling with Alcohol Recovery after Detox?
Struggling with Alcohol Recovery after Detox?

When I first started attending a 12-step program, I kept hearing people mentioning the word "pause" or in some cases "PAWS." Both words are important to know about with regards to alcohol recovery after detox. The first refers to the act of stopping for a second...


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