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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help shape 12-step communities where sponsors and sponsees help each other move beyond the shame of abuse. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge about the connection between childhood abuse and addiction with people who are willing to stop their compulsive destructive behavior. 

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Written for sponsors to help them understand the childhood sex abuse and addiction connection so they can best help their sponsees.


Listen in as we have conversations about grace, hope, and recovery from childhood trauma and addictions.


Join a community of caring people who are working to overcome their addictions through healing from childhood trauma.

How to Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our projects, arrange a speaking engagement for your podcast, or get notified as new projects launch, just fill out the form below, and Vince or I will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Childhood Trauma Has a Lasting Legacy

Eating Disorders

Substance Abuse

Cutting and Self Harm


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Sleep Disorders





Personality Disorders

Attachment Difficulties

Phas e 1

Addiction & Trauma Connection

Addiction is a tool many of us use to mask the problem and numb the pain, but it doesn’t solve the problem. What’s more, addictions add shame to the mountain of problems you are already dealing with. Before the healing can really begin, the survivor needs to be willing to get clean, so he or she can face their trauma with clarity.

In this first phase, I help you understand the childhood trauma and addiction connection.  We get to the root of the problem by identifying your addiction, how it helped when you need it, and why it’s hurting you now. You will learn techniques to help you change old addictive behaviors and replace them with new healthy behaviors.

You are not alone. All around the world, men and women deal with their childhood trauma by turning to drugs and alcohol. But that’s not all. Many of them have other negative behaviors such as cutting, over eating, sexual impulses, gambling, and shopping. They may have different backgrounds, but many women this age begin to wonder, “Is this all there is?” I want to help you connect with those women.

This is where the learning really begins.

Phase 2

Remove the Shame

You will be amazed at how much impact changing your mindset will have on your life and that begins with removing the shame. This was not your fault. You don’t have to feel responsible. In phase two, we begin to delve into how you think about yourself and your shame. We work on clarity about what lead you on the path to your distructive behavior, finding purpose in the past, and what happiness truly can be for you.

As your sobriety and trauma coach, I will help you bust through your limiting beliefs and find power in a whole new way of thinking. You will learn self-compassion and mindfulness. You will discover how to find gratitude in even the smallest gifts life gives us and how practicing that leads to happiness.

This is where the transformation really begins. 

Phase 3

Rebuild Your Life

This, in my belief, is the most exciting part of the program. Once you have discovered your value, it’s time to take action.

In this third phase, we take a look at your life from the 1,000 foot view. We will discover your strengths and your weaknesses in every area of your life from love and relationships to finances and career. Our goal is to isolate and work on those areas that can be improved to make the biggest impact. Then we will dive down to the 10 foot view and work on creating a plan to help you repair the damage of your past and begin to set new goals that lead you to the life you were meant to have.

Success isn’t impossible, but achieving it can be challenging. I will be there to guide you through the challenges and to help you find answers to the problems you face. Together, we will turn hurdles into lines in the road that need only be stepped over by breaking them down into their individual parts, so you can make progress without overwhelm.

This is where the action really begins.


Membership Features

On-Demand Masterclasses

Masterclasses are mini-courses designed to give you the tools you need for recovery and self-improvement. Topics will include learning gratitude, finding your spirituality, meditation, dating, finances, and much more.

These classes are available to purchase individually on my website and cost anywhere from $47 to $97 each, However, as a Back Porch Chats member, you will get access to all the courses published with no limitations and at no additional cost.

Monthly Webinars

Your membership includes a monthly webinar invitation open for discussions, tips, Q&A sessions, and requests. This is a group session with sobriety coaches, Vince and Jeanna, and while it’s not the same as a personal, one-on-one, coaching session, often much more can be gained by the group discussions.

Private Facebook Community

You get access to a private, members-only, Facebook community where you can meet and develop positive relationships with men and women like you who are experiencing many of the same challenges you currently face with addiction, past trauma, and shame. Community members also get regular tips for self-improvement and questions answered by us personally. This is also where we will actively participate in and hold ourselves accountable during our monthly challenges.

Monthly Challenges

Challenges can create motivation that leads to results. Each month we will present a new challenge for Back Porch Chats members.

Need extra help maintaining sobriety during the holidays? Join the challenge. Looking for a way to help others stay sober? Let’s start a new challenge. Having trouble finding the courage to face your past? I’m going to challenge you.

Each challenge will present information on the topic, worksheets to clarify your goals, tips for getting results, and a team of challenge mates who live with similar struggles that you can connect with for support and accountability.

Sobriety and Trauma Coaching

Upgrade your membership with a coaching program that includes one-on-one sessions with Jeanna, sobriety and trauma coach. The coaching package includes 6 coaching sessions for $799, but Back Porch Chats members get a 20% discount.

As a Back Porch Chats member, you can also purchase a one-time session for $99. This option is usually only offered to non-members who have previously purchased the full package but would like to get further coaching help with a personal sobriety coach.

Why? Single sessions often don’t provide the desired results, and we only want the best results for you. However, as a Back Porch Chats member, we are confident that you are already doing the work and getting the tools necessary to achieve your goals. Individual sessions with a sobriety coach can help you personalize your experience as a member and develop a direct path to your desired outcome.

More with Back Porch Chats Membership

We are aware that too much information often creates overwhelm that leads to failure. However, we tend to be zealous and want to include everything. That is why we are leaving the more up to you.

We are always open to adding new features. In fact, we have a few in mind that we would like to include in the future. Rather than throwing everything into the pot, though, we’re going to let Back Porch Chats members influence new additions as well as the removal of unnecessary features. Not every request can be satisfied, but our promise to you is that they will all be considered and weighed.


Sobriety Coach

In 2007, my life started spiraling completely out of control. ⁠
I felt empty, alone, a complete failure, and I couldn’t figure out why. I had two wonderful children, an amazing foster daughter, and a husband who was and is a good man. I had a beautiful home and raised goats and chickens. I had just completed my degree and was fulfilling my dream to be a college professor. On the outside, I had everything, but inside, I felt void.⁠
I tried to fill it with alcohol and sex. I cut just so I could feel something. I wanted to laugh uncontrollably, but I would have been satisfied with a little giggle from time to time.⁠
I felt nothing. ⁠
In the years following, my distructive behaviors lead to a divorce, poor relationships with my children, and an end to my career. I lost my home and my security. I made bad dating choices that included a relationship with a physically abusive man and on another occasion, rape. And my drinking became more and more frequent.
Then, when my life felt like it couldn’t get any worse, I received the final blow. In early 2018, my son committed suicide. It wasn’t enough to get me sober. In fact, I drank every day for the next seven months. I topped that with sleeping pills, so I didn’t have to lay in bed at night recreating his last hours in my mind.⁠
A drunken fall put me in the hospital for three days. I thought “this was it. I was finally going to get the help I desperately needed.”⁠
It was difficult to be honest with the doctors. The truth is, while I admitted I had a problem, I still don’t think I was completely honest about the severity of it. ⁠
Every ounce of my soul wanted help getting out of the agony I was in.⁠
But I still couldn’t say the words, “I’m an alcoholic and out of control.” Instead, I admitted to drinking a little more than I would have admitted before. ⁠Thankfully, the doctors saw what I couldn’t admit, and I did get some help, but it wasn’t until several months later that I was able to put down the bottle and deal with what was really bothering me.
Guess what. It wasn’t alcohol. And it wasn’t eating or cutting. It wasn’t sex. It wasn’t men or my mother. It wasn’t even that I had failed. These things and my incessant need to get my degree, the hours spent reading and completing assignments only allowed me to veil my real problem.
I felt deep shame because I was sexually abused as a child. I felt hurt by my mother who also felt shame because she wasn’t able to protect me.
I felt abandoned by my father who wasn’t there to protect me. If my dad, my flesh and blood, couldn’t love me, who could. Certainly not me because I knew all my secrets. I was convinced that I was so unlovable that I didn’t even deserve to love myself. I wanted someone else to do it for me.
On September 2, 2018, I finally put the bottle down and began working rigorously on my problem.
I discovered the most amazing thing.
My problem was me, and it would be difficult, in fact damn hard, but I could fix me.
My journey in sobriety became a journey into my soul. I have discovered many great tools including, self-compassion, gratitude, and spirituality of the soul.
Today I laugh uncontrollably, I love with every cell in my body, and I feel full.
I know what it feels like to be so full that I want to burst.
And honestly, I need to give some of it away.
If you relate to the things I have said here, let’s talk. My partner and I are working on a few projects that we know will help. All we need is for you to reach out for it.


What We Do

Back Porch Chats Basic Membership

Want a taste before you dive in? The basic membership gives you limited access to workshops, worksheets, and webinars. You will also get notified about upcoming and new activities happening with Back Porch Chats. The best part is that our basic membership is free.



Back Porch Chats Full-Access Membership

With our full-access membership plan, you get everything on the Back Porch Chats membership site including all the workshops, workbooks, and featured webinars.

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Six-Session Private Sobriety  and Trauma Coach Package

Our Six-Session Sobriety and Trauma Coach Package grants you 6 weeks of private coaching. You also will get emails and texts from your coach to check your progress and keep you on track. Finally, this coaching package comes with a free three-month membership to the Back Porch Chats full-access membership plan and the opportunity to continue the full-access membership for a discounted rate.




"Jeanna Toler Fox is one of those rare individuals who can blend direct, concise advice with compassion and understanding. Her wealth of personal and professional experiences help her connect to women in many walks of life. Additionally, her drive and determination are unflagging, helping her to encourage and motivate others when they might not feel that confidence themselves. Jeanna Toler Fox is an empathetic, forthright woman who can help guide you with no judgement and much purpose."

Heather Parker Devrick

"Jeanna was an invaluable source of positivity and motivation through my college career. She helped me identify my strengths, and her constant encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in the task at hand. She truly believes that everyone has unlimited potential and works her hardest to help them find it. I recommend her to anyone."

Brenda Souza

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